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Posted on March 22, 2013


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Doesn’t it make sense that in order for the body to fully use the high quality nutrition and fitness that we give it, we first need to cleanse ourselves from the inside out?   Many Athletes all over the country are realizing the benefit of adding Nutritional Cleansing to their regimens.   A clean, alkaline body naturally responds much more effectively to the healthy foods we eat and to our workouts.   Any good trainer or athlete knows that 80% of the results we see in fitness are directly related to nutrition.    Many of our trainers boast that they are able to get 6 weeks worth of gym time sweat equity results in just 9 days on our Deep Cleanse!


There are three supplemental components that the athletes rave about as far as increasing athletic performance The Ionix Supreme builds endurance and stamina, it also boosts recovery.   The IsaPro is the highest grade of Organic Whey available for Muscle Growth– imported from New Zealand.  You just don’t get this same quality domestically, that’s why we import it by the container load.  It is low temperature flash pasteurized, keeping the enzymes and amino acid profile undenatured.  They do not use Herbicides/Pesticides on the free-range crops, nor do they use growth hormones or antibiotics on the Cattle.   Want More Energy is a natural electrolyte replacer/B Vitamin energy enhancer.


I love to take Ionix before working out.  Helps me go and go and go.  Loads of energy, stamina and endurance.  Just got off the phone with another trainer, Debbie Sherrick, who says Ionix is her favorite athletic product because you can get so much out of your workouts.  Personally, I like to take an ounce before and after. 🙂  I like to drink the Want More Energy Durning workouts to replace electrolytes lost.   I LOVE Vanilla IsaPro.  I take 2 scoops of that within 30 minutes of workouts to help support and build lean muscle mass.  If you want to add it to IsaPro then you’d only need 1 scoop of IsaPro along with 1.5 scoops IsaLean.


I’ll share links to each below:


Ionix Supreme:




Want More Energy:


These are the main products that athletes use for performance in addition to utilizing the standard Cleanse for Life Drink and Isa Lean Meal Replacement Shake. They also love to do the cleansing in their off-season.


Wholesale cost is as follows:

Ionix: $32 (32 ounce bottle) Take one ounce prior to workout, 1 ounce post.

IsaPro: $39 (30 servings)

Want More Energy: $21 for 45 serving bottle.


Here’s a series of testimonials from a prolific Marathoner friend of mine:

“The good news is that I lost 9 pounds (now 10) and 11 inches in 10 days.  Unbelievable!!!  My weight is exactly where I want it.  I am into all of my “thin clothes” so am really happy!”


“I was in a 5K race this morning–3.1 miles, and won the Senior Grand Master category.  The best part of this, however is that I shaved almost 2 minutes off my earlier race–last Saturday.  My time was 29:39 which I haven’t been able to come close to in a year and a half.  Thank you Isagenix!”


“I did a 5K race today and took 10 seconds off my earlier race.  Took third in my age group which was a ten-year spread!  The race was at the beach and there were windy conditions the second half of the race.  I walked briefly a few times, but still did well.  Also, I beat someone by 31 seconds who I haven’t been able to catch in a couple of years!   She asked me what I had in my running shoes!!!   Go Isagenix!!!!!!!My training has been basically the same so I have to attribute speed increases to weight loss and a fairly pure diet.  I’m happy!”


“My race times continue to improve dramatically.  I can’t remember the last time I shared results with you so here goes—Jan to present—29:29, 29:20, 29:01, 28:46, 28:05, and today was 27:55.  The last time I ran today’s course was in Oct., a couple of weeks before the cleanse and my time was 31:40.

For the last year and a half, I have been in a slump and never thought I would get back to these times again.  Not only has Isagenix helped me physically but also helped with my mental focus which is almost as important.ISAGENIX ROCKS”

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